It figures that a band as awesome as Rush would make as calming a song as this.

Everyone on this fucking website needs to listen to this fucking song.

Stop being so uptight about every little perceived reaching slight at you and/or movements/fandoms/etc. that you are in.

Stop getting your panties into such a tight knot over someone on the internet that you will never meet and will never hold any sort of power over you disagreeing with you.

Just worry about you, and care about people you care about, not faceless strangers who’re only stirring up shit to stir up shit.



Twenty-five years and three days later, reality takes a tip from fiction and charts “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album Mandatory Fun at number one, with over 100,000 sales during it’s first week. In his 31 year long career, with 14 studio albums to his name, this is the first time he’s hit the top- and the first comedy album by ANY artist to hit #1 since 1960! Congratulations, Al! image

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so according to an anonymous ask i received, bronies are apparently a bunch of dudes against feminism— so i guess that means bronycon is obviously a women haters club run by theses three


you’ll even get your own women haters pin at the door to the convention

Damn, now I really regret not going. I needed that pin to finish my collection.


Anonymous asked: Wait like anti feminism and stuff?



no i like my little pony and call myself a brony, why is that hard for people to grasp. the title has absolutely no influence over any other aspect of my life, interests, or views.

This just in: if you call yourself a brony then you’re instantly an anti-feminist regardless of your actual views on the matter.

Tumblr said so, thus it must be true.


The adventure continues.

Gonna go clean the basement for a bit. Damn place is a mess. Maybe start working on a song idea after dinner.


Illuminated nights captured by Roberto Bertero

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Food for thought.


Food for thought.

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Anonymous asked: wait so is a trigger anything you dislike?





A trigger is anything that ilicits a negative response in someone, so in some sense, yeah?

No it fucking isn’t. A trigger is some thing, you know, triggers a psychological response that takes you away from reality, causes severe panic attacks, makes you black out, among other horrible things.

holy shit, straight from the horses mouth.I had my assumptions by you’ve confirmed them

Congrats on watering down something that is an actual problem for people, but of course you don’t actually care about them as you simply want oppression and special snowflake points.

Y’all do not know the definition of the word trigger, holy shit. There are people who can actually be triggered into panic attacks, thanks for making them just another prop, and making it even harder for them to be taken seriously.

Much like everything else on this website

Of course this is
saying this shit. Making up definitions (along with words). How do you even exist?

We have people openly defining triggers as “anything that ilicits a negative response” - by that logic, I’m triggered by humidity, taxes, and the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Yankees - and yet people still don’t understand why I have such a low opinion of the capability of tumblr to understand important, sensitive concepts and why I have little respect for some parts of its community.

Also, “ilicits”? Really?