"I want a youtuber that isnt sexist"

  • Markiplier

"I want a youtuber that doesn’t make controversial jokes"

  • have you considered: Markiplier

"I want a youtuber that is actually funny and genuine and talks to their fans on a regular basis"

"I want a youtuber that-"

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Thank You! :D

Question: Does Markiplier play anything other than horror games? That’s all I’ve seen him play, but I love his voice so I’d like to watch more.


The Black Forest is BAT's version of the Colorsound Overdriver. The one I have is the solid black box with a black sparkle forest screen printed on it (the old one). The new one has a really tacky graphic on it, but it actually has the knobs labeled so you know what does what lol

Unlabeled controls are what tape and sharpies are for :P

Never actually played a Colorsound or any clones of it, might have to find one to try out…


The is the "Performance artist" series. It is their answer to the Taylor 814/914 series. The body shape is equivalent to the Taylor Auditorium shape, yes.

In that case, I can understand why you’d be attracted to its sound. It’s an amazing style of acoustic guitar.


Pedals gets it's own post. Pedals: Wampler Euphoria, Black Arts Toneworks Black Forest, TC Electronic NM-1, Zoom MS70-CDR, Boss LS-2, Boss PS-6, ISP Decimator, EB 6165 Stereo Volume/Pan, EB MVP Volume, Crybaby Wah, Voodoo Pedal Power 2 Plus

Never heard of the Black Forest before. What kind of distortion does it have?


I don't know if I can fit all my gear in asks. Guitars: 2010 First Run EBMM JPX 7, 1990 ESP 400 Series, 2011 Martin GPCPA1,1978 Yamaha FG-200. Basses: 2010 Sadowsky MV5, 1984 Rickenbacker 4003. Sold: 2009 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus, 2009 Ibanez S5470 prestige, 2006 Fender Standard Jazz Bass. Amps: Reason Bambino, Mesa M9 Carbine, Fender Bassman 100.

A JPX? Damn man, that’s awesome. I love the way that those things sound, but my hands are really big, so the necks on them make my left cramp up. The Rick I am incredibly jealous of though. Those things are amazing basses, and if they made a more affordable model, I probably would’ve saved and bought that instead of buying a P-bass like Big Red.

The GPCPA1 is Martin’s auditorium series, right?